Parental Guidance: Sickos

Hello parents and parental adjacent people.

You know the deal – each week Corn or I will post a discussion topic (unless someone else wants to, do let us know) and we will discuss. The topic is a only a conversation starter- do feel free to brag, complain, ask for advice, etc. as usual.

This weeks topic:  Sickos.

Cold and flu season is upon us here in North America. How do you generally handle kids illnesses? Do you puke once someone even looks a bit green? Do How do you deal with handling clean- up with your kids, then? Do you have a hard time taking off from work if you need to stay home with a sick kid? Do you like your peditrician?

Do any of you have kids with chronic or serious medical issues that you’d like to vent about?

Funny, gross stories that only other parents or parental adjacents may find funny?