Comic Book Chat – Dollar Bin Finds

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Comic Book Chat! 

Today’s discussion is about every comic lover’s dream- The Dollar Bin.

The Dollar Bin is that longbox of unknown comic goodness many a man and woman have dug through to find a comic on the cheap.

Maybe its an issue you may have never seen before in your lifetime – maybe its a comic that was needed to satisfy a long run in your collection – and maybe- JUST MAYBE– its a book that you know is a key issue that shouldn’t belong in the dollar bin and you pounce on it immediately.

2 winters ago, I was walking home from day drinking with a college buddy when I went to the Pittsburgh based Exchange to look in the comic bins.

For $3.00 – I found and purchased Amazing Spider-man #149- the first appearance of the Spider- Clone!


Not too long ago, at another Exchange, I found a couple early issues of the Walking Dead for 2 bucks a piece.



What was a comic book that you found in the dollar bin  and purchased and can’t believe you found it on the cheap? 

What dollar bin comic put a big smile on your face when you found it?