Scott OT #29: Marketa Lazarova Night Thread (1/8)


One of my all time favorite movies is Marketa Lazarova, directed by Frantisek Vlacil. It’s the mammoth (2 hours, 42 minutes) tale of a minor Czech clan going up against a king in the Middle Ages. The film is also a commentary on Christianity usurping paganism as the main religion of the continent during this time period. The acting is amazing, Vlacil’s direction is AMAZING, and Bedrich Batka’s cinematography is just gorgeous.


Why spotlight this film? Well, there are better movies but I wanted to spotlight a film that’s not very well-known around these parts. Shit, I would’t be surprised if I was the only that was aware of it. It’s available to watch on FilmStruck, if you got it.

Hope you all have fun commenting here tonight and have a great night. Also, watch Marketa Lazarova.