Scott OT #28: Brick Joke Day Thread (1/7)

A brick joke is defined as a joke with a long delayed punchline. Like, remember that time we had a Day Thread devoted to the Pokemon Oddish and then the Night Thread that day was devoted to its evolution, Gloom and then nothing after that? It’d be like if that showed up agai-


A wild Gloom appeared!

Looks like we’re finally getting that Vileplume Open Thread after all, as I’ve got a Leaf Stone!!


Now, to evolve i-

*trips over rocks and accidentally flings the Leaf Stone*

Ah, damn I better get i-shit, a Nuzleaf and an Exeggcute are fighting over it, never going to see that stone again. Luckily, I have a Sun Stone!!


Now, to use and…


Boom, we’ve got a Bellossom!!

(God, this header makes no sense if you don’t know Pokemon. Sorry to everyone that doesn’t.)

Hope you all have fun posting here today and have a great day.