The Thursday Politics Thread Is Hit By A Bomb Cyclone (not just metaphorically!)

Good Morning politocadoes!

So, let’s recap what’s happened thus far in the New Year.

January 2nd

  • Trump has a dick-waving contest over the size of his Nuclear Button with North Korea threatening the doom of us all like it’s some shitty Trump brand Sword of Damocles.
  • Orrin Hatch is retiring. Rep. Bill Shuster is retiring.
  • Al Franken officially resigned from his Senate seat.
  • Doug Jones is sworn in as the new Democratic senator from AL.
  • Lt. Governor Tina Smith is sworn in as Franken’s replacement as the Junior Democratic Senator from Minnesota.

January 3rd

  • Bannon calls Don Jr. “treasonous” for the Trump Tower meeting. Trump reacts with his typical calm and collected demeanor. Shit, wait, that was the last guy. No, Trump blows his stack and denounces his former campaign manager and key White House adviser in the harshest possible terms.
  • Bannon loses the patronage of the Mercers, and in addition to the dubious political alliance with Trump  many candidates he had been supporting congressional races across the country are now denouncing him.
  • Manafort is suing the DOJ, DAG Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller
  • Trump disbands his Voter Fraud Commission claiming mountains of evidence while blaming states for refusing to provide data to create said evidence

Meanwhile! The east coast is getting hit with another type of storm, a so-called bomb cyclone. There’s an analogy to be made here, I know it. Strong winds, cold temperatures, a possible accumulation of 11-17 inches of snow and at the center of it all, me, your humble Lupin!  To anyone else in the storm’s path, stay safe, keep in contact with relatives, and be sure to have access to emergency supplies.


Be excellent to each other. Mayor McSquirrel rule is in effect, even if he is a dangerous incompetent dick.

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Welcome to Thursday, peeps!