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Creative Endeavors Contributor Showcase!

Welcome to a special edition of the Creative Endeavors thread. Today, we’re going to dedicate this thread to those who have submitted links for personal sites to The Avocado. This will be a monthly feature. Now, while we’re starting this in the first week of the new month of the new year, we will actually dedicate the last Creative Endeavors thread of each month to this showcase.

How Does This Work?

For now, we will post the names of contributors in the thread body, as well as the links for their works. We may change this in the future, especially as more people submit links.

We will also provide a link to the contributor’s page and the submission form for anyone who would like to have their personal sites promoted as well.

External Avocado Contributor Page – This page also contains the submission form along with instructions for what needs to be filled out in the form.


User: Subsaharan – Music: Module Ten

User: Ifwewait – Book: For Reyna – A supernatural mystery: “James thought his life was perfect. Then all of a sudden it wasn’t. Could he get things back to the way they were?”

User: Ifwewait – Book: The Piano Key – The sequel to For Reyna

User: Askyermom – Blog: Ask Yer Mom – “Questions posed by my (mostly) grown kids get answered. Occasional drawings and essays clutter things up.”

User: Bfth – Blog: Bfth’s boring blog

User: MrsLangdonAlger – Book: Arcadia – “Ellie is a girl who lives in a world where everyone gets a special pet when they’re young…but she hasn’t found her pet yet! With her one goal set, Ellie tries anything she can to find her pet and learns about herself and the people she knows along the way.”

User: 10cities10years – Blog: 10cities10years – “ is my personal site for writing about my travels and sharing my photography. Of late, it’s been especially photography-focused while I live in Madrid and experience Europe.”

User: Qualifiersrep – YouTube Channel: Music Reviews

User: Qualifiersrep – Blog: Short fiction and criticism

User: The “Paper Chase” Guy – Webcomic/Blog: Onion Juice and Fairy Locks

User: Kel C Grammer – Website: Bing Bang Boom – “Bing Bang Boom TV is like a TV Guide for popular shows if these shows existed in a bizarre universe where Penny from the Big Bang Theory is a human-potato hybrid, Kevin James is a paranormal detective on Kevin Can Wait, and Jesse Ventura is a respected journalist, and not just some crackpot.”

User: Megara Justice Machine – Music: “Noise” and other drone/minimalist stuff

User: Pringles – Blog: Fancy ASF – “A blend of cocktails and pop culture with recipes, criticism, and whatever else I feel like writing about booze/movie/tv related.”

User: Smapti Jones – Music: Sweet Tooth

User: zkywalker – Blog: “My personal blog where I write pop culture related things.”