Werewolf 48: Heart of Darkness PPV – Day 6

The rest of the day is quiet, yet angsty. You’re in eastern Idaho, now; the Snake River flows northeast as you approach Yellowstone. On either side is the high desert. At one point, out in the distance, you see ancient lava fields. The sun sets over the river, and the remaining wrestlers stand on the deck, watching it go down.

“Should we be staring straight at this?” asks Gliterrati.

“Probably not,” says the Brazilianaire.

“Just checking. I never know with sunsets.”

You return to your cabins in the evening, having seen no sign of Wendy all day. Jeff Angel has just tucked himself in when he hears a sound.

“JEFF ANGEL can TELL that you’re THERE,” he says loudly. Silence. “JEFF eats his CARROTS and can see in the DARK.”

“Alright, fine,” says the figure in the darkness. “Will you go quietly?”


There’s an extended scuffle, then a thud, and finally a splash.

Jeff Angel (Spookyfriend) has been eliminated. He was TOWN.


  1. E-Dog – TOWN
  3. Smapti
  4. Pearl Sheltie – TOWN
  5. Capt. Lindsay Funke – JAILKEEPER
  6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
  7. Dr. Nick – WOLF
  8. Flubba Gunto – TOWN
  9. Milkproof Robot
  10. BannerThief
  11. Library Lass – TV HOST
  12. Spookyfriend – TOWN
  13. Owen1120 – DETECTIVE
  14. Zecko – SERIAL KILLER
  15. Grumproro
  16. Ralph Waldo Wiggum
  17. Subsaharan
  18. Lockeout – TOWN
  19. MacCrocodile/Forget It Jake (tag team) – TOWN
  20. Spiny Creature – WOLF


12 5 wrestlers (vanilla town)

4 2 traitors (wolves)

1 rogue wrestler (serial killer)

1 booker (detective, town aligned)

1 TV camera operator (jailer, town aligned)

1 TV host (custom role – flip-flops alignments)

To allow ample time for Christmas, Day 6 ends Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST (countdown). There won’t be an early Twilight if you hit the lynch limit early, and you can continue moving your votes around until the counter runs down.