Cagatio’s Night Thread

Caga Tio, or Tio de Nadal, is a Catalonian tradition going back I don’t know how long, in which a man named “Shit Uncle” is present at the manger scene among the donkeys and wise men, taking a poo in the corner.

Nowadays, Caga Tio is represented by a log, usually made of something easily filled up and swatted like paper mache, wearing a little hat and covered modestly by a blanket with a smiling happy face. Children will “feed” nuts to Caga Tio for a week before Christmas before descending on him with sticks to savagely beat the literal shit out of him. In an expression clearly bordering on sexual ecstasy, or maybe just frozen in a permanent tortured grin to bear through a hell from which the only escape is the sweet embrace of death, Caga Tio “shits” out candy as he breaks apart and the children eagerly feast upon his sugary excrement.

There’s even a jolly little song to sing while you beat your log to death, much in the way of a sea shanty!

Buenos noches, mi amigos, and keep feeding your log!