The First Poster for The Grinch is Strangely Adorable

The movie might not be coming out for nearly another year, but Universal has already put out the first poster for Illumination’s upcoming animated tentpole The Grinch, and it features the title character looking…pretty adorable? Granted, the tagline does indeed promise that “he gets meaner,” but since we’re so used to seeing the Grinch grinning in his santa hat for every damn promotional image that’s out there of him, seeing him looking like a lost child at the mall here is fairly notable.

grinch 1
This is actually really brilliant from a marketing standpoint, as it helps sell the film as a brand new story, rather that merely an animated version of the Jim Carrey movie where most of the Whos were kind of assholes. Of course, given the cute widdle Grinch’s blank stare on the poster, maybe he’s posing for a mugshot, so perhaps the Whos are still going to be kind of assholes here. It’s also curious that Benedict Cumberbatch’s name is absent for this, as he is going to play a major factor in getting people into theater seats (and will also no doubt help inspire plenty of “sexy Grinch” material for DeviantArt, so consider that your warning).

In addition to the poster, a new plot summary also provides us with some information, with the Grinch apparently stealing Christmas because the holidays in Whoville are becoming far too noisy for his sensitive, precious eardrums. The big reveal, though, is that Santa Claus himself might play a role here, with the Grinch even getting his hands on a reindeer in order to pull off his heist.

The Grinch will no doubt be a massive box office hit, as it follows Illumination’s string of successes including the somewhat underwhelming Despicable Me 3 (which sent the Minions to prison for less than five minutes simply so they could make a bunch of jailbird Minion dolls) and the almost shockingly great Sing. It opens everywhere November 9th, 2018 (which is an election week, by the way, so everyone should already be in a jolly mood).