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Sports Corner – December 20

The NFL has a weird relationship with technology.

On the one hand, instant replay is part of the game. On the other hand, first downs are still measured using a ten yard long chain.  It’s a weird dichotomy. And we saw the results of both low-tech and high-tech on the games last Sunday, as we were left pondering once more what exactly is a catch in an age of hi-def super-slo-mo, and as we watched a referee using an index card to determine if there was a first down.

If you’re wondering why the NFL still uses a chain, Pro Football Talk explained why here. Frankly, I don’t buy it, but at least they’re thinking about it.

If you’re wondering why no one knows what a catch is, you are not alone.

Other topics for today:

  • Kobe’s numbers retired
  • Jerry Richardson, dirty old man and racist, to sell Panthers
  • Hot Stove League finally heats up
  • Christmas Day basketball extravaganza coming!

As ever, all sports topics welcome.