Scott OT #21: The Night Thread In The Middle (12/17)

The National Film Registry in the Library Of Congress has numerous amazing movies preserved in it. From classics of cinema like Citizen Kane and Casablanca to blockbuster masterpieces like Jaws and Star Wars, all types of American films are welcome. There’s also a bunch of fucking weird movies included like The House In The Middle, the subject of tonight’s header.


The House In The Middle is a documentary short educating people on how best to survive a nuclear blast. The film posits that the best way to survive it is to paint your house with reflective white paint. Not sure why that would help but if we can’t trust the people that said ducking and covering was the best way to survive a nuclear blast, who can we trust?!?

(more brilliant advice from the government!!)

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.