The Weekly Pun Thread is Down in the Dumps

Welcome back to the Weekly Pun Thread, where it’s really hit the fan. In today’s story, the Buffalo Bills aren’t the only thing that’s shitty in Orchard Park, New York:

Someone is pooping on the lawns of Orchard Park, New York, but police say they don’t have much to go on.

The first mystery pooping was reported Nov. 8 by a woman who told police she found feces and tissue outside her home.

The woman also said she thought the “poopetrator” was a jogger, and said that it had happened on more than one occasion, Orchard Park police Lt. Jason M. Schiedel told The Buffalo News.

The problem has gotten so bad that someone actually took out this ad in the local Pennysaver (which I didn’t know was still a thing):

5a315a731600002100c4fbb6[1].pngI guess it will be a Brown Christmas in Western NY.