Sports Corner – December 13

What to focus on?  The hot stove league?  The Heisman?  The NBA and the NHL? All good choices, but what happened on Sunday when Tom Savage got a concussion is bigger than the whole lot.

In short, the Texans botched the concussion test big time, and demonstrated once again that the NFL concussion protocol is not really working.  And this only serves to remind me why I don’t ever watch any games anymore.  The players continue to be used and abused, and the league continues to pretend it cares. Or perhaps the league isn’t even doing that much.

I think that concussions in football are unavoidable. (This is why I would not shed a tear if the sport died.)  To me this means that as long as people play the game, the organizations running the game have an obligation to mitigate the effects of concussions as much as possible.  Working to immediately identify concussions and bench players seems to be part of that.  But tell that to the NFL.

Anyway, feel free to discuss Giancarlo Stanton, Baker Mayfield, Kevin Durant, or the big brawl between Man U and Man City, or any other sports-related topic.