She-Ra is Coming Back, and That’s Pretty Sweet

As some of us gather round to watch The He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special (something which should be a tradition for all of you if it isn’t already), we’ve been given an early Christmas present with the news that our favorite Princess of Power will be making a comeback, with DreamWorks Animation announcingShe-Ra reboot is on the way on Netflix.

For those who don’t know, DreamWorks Animation has actually had the rights to Masters of the Universe for a while now, but hadn’t really done anything with it except publish some collector’s books for adult fans. While some might question why a She-Ra reboot would be pursued before a He-Man one, the box office success of Wonder Woman and animated franchises like DC Superhero Girls probably played a role in the decision. And She-Ra’s universe is arguably much simpler to adapt than her twin brother’s much more loaded series (which will, in turn, make it cheaper to produce). An inevitable expanded universe could also be started if the show is a success. And hey, that would be pretty cool!

she-ra 2
If you’re unfamiliar with She-Ra (and you might be depending on your age), she got her introduction in a theatrical spin-off movie He-Man and the Secret of the Sword in which she had been living as a brainwashed servant of Hordac, a rejected Masters villain who snorted a lot between sentences because the guy must’ve had a ton of allergies going on. She-Ra’s friends included a bumbling witch, a bunch of magical forest creatures, and Bow, a man who loved using a bow and arrow who has been labelled as homosexual so unanimously by the fandom that it may as well be considered canon now.

No news yet on whether that darn Loo-Kee will be hiding in every episode or not (she knew you kids were never able to find her and thrived off of your frustration).