Riverdale S2E9 “Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night” Liveblog

Last Week on Pants Off Dance Off, FP finally got out of jail, got a new job, swore off the serpents, and joined them once again to protect Jughead all in the span of, what, a week? Cheryl tried to take Josie’s skin tried to give Josie  a naked massage. Veronica and Archie played “Betty and Jughead” and did some investigating to find out it definitely wasn’t the janitor.  Teenager Betty Cooper did a strip tease in front of her boyfriend’s dad, her boyfriend, the local biker gang, and her mother. Archie and Veronica sang “Mad World” at a party (way to kill the mood Andrews) and the Core Four all broke up with each other, only for Betty (no) and Archie (stop it) to make goo goo eyes at each other (I swear to God, you better not). What’s gon’ happen dis week?

(isn’t there still a killer around or something)