The Avocado

Pod People 12.11.17

Sorry for the lateness, folks, I had a late addition podcast:

My Brother, My Brother, and Me: #383: Fins Up – Y’all. They got Jimmy Buffett on the show.

Risk: Bring the Pain – The first story of this episode is one of the weirdest, scariest ones I’ve heard on Risk. It’s one of those ones that surprises you in the end because it sounds like a horror movie and isn’t, but it’s well told and suspenseful. The other one is fucking harrowing too!

The Heart: Man Chouban (I Am Good) – This is a really intense exploration of mother/daughter relationships being strained by truth, differences of experiences and opinions, and the distance that comes with all of that. It was really tough to listen to and my heart ached for the storyteller.

Judge John Hodgman: Ayn Rand Out – Not only does this episode feature a letter from Rian Johnson, it also features the return of Ghost Ayn Rand, temporarily inhabiting Hodgman’s body. I love it when he mocks her.