The ABC (First Edition) – The Left Hand of Darkness

Please read the Introduction (if your edition has it) and Chapters 1-5 by Thursday, December 14.

In a near landslide, The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin has been chosen by our word-loving community as the first work to be discussed in the newly resurrected Avocado Book Club!

The purpose of this post is to discuss everyone’s favorite thing: logistics.

It turns out I already read this novel in university, but I barely remember anything about it. (Which is sad because it wasn’t that long ago…)

Anyway, IIRC,  the book wasn’t too long. Should we have several discussions for it?

  1. Discussion for the first half of book (Or a more natural halfway point)
  2. Discussion for the book as a whole
  3. Discussion for themes, tropes, etc.

People who’ve already read the book and actually remember what happens in it, any suggestions on how to structure the discussions? Should we combine #2 and #3? Divide the book into smaller segments?