The Thursday Politics Thread Gazes Into The Abyss (Again)

Well, here we are. Let us once again stare into the maw of utter indifference as our ‘leaders’ blithely ignore the common peoples’ concerns or basic human decency.  Men in power in entertainment, politics, and journalism continue to be revealed as monsters. It gets hard to see the light.

Desperate to show any sort of legislative achievement with control of Congress and the Presidency, The Republicans are railroading a terrible plan that nobody likes and don’t seem to care just how bad it is. Nobody wants this tax plan, economists don’t want it, doctors, lawyers, and street sweepers don’t want it. But Mitch ‘Turtleface’ McConnell?        He wants it.

Contact the following Senators’ offices because, as of yesterday, they are still uncertain.

Senate Switchboard number: (202) 224-312

Bob Corker (TN)

Susan Collins (ME)

Jeff Flake (AZ)

John McCain (AZ)

And as we continue to stare, let us return once again to Ajit Pai and his terrible plan to end Net Neutrality.


You know what to do. Call, write, post another complaint to the FCC website. Protest a Verizon store! They vote December 14.

Call Ajit Pai at 202-418-1000  (Use Processing Number 17 -108)

Welcome to Thursday! Keep your heads up everyone!

Mayor McSquirrel Rule is in effect.

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