Mr. Robot S3E8 Discussion Thread

Nobody else has been posting these, and with only two episodes to go and another fantastic episode airing tonight, I figured I’d create a thread to talk about this episode of Mr. Robot and the events leading up to it.

Mr. Robot is one of my favorite shows, and episodes like this confirm that. Episodes like this one are rare, but always welcome. Tonight was an Elliot-centric episode, which is always a joy to watch. Rami Malek’s performance tonight, as always, was mesmerizing, nuanced, and emotional. Tonight’s episode mostly took a break from the bleakness and mindtricks that have long been hallmarks of this show, and focused on the humanity and desperation of Elliot. We see him come close to suicide, and we see him rescued by the brink by a late friends younger brother. And he gets a potentially game-changing email from that late friend.

I also love when Sam Esmail shows off his film-making tricks. Tonights episode began normally, but after a character enters a movie theater and the movie begins, the episode suddenly changes cameras, lighting, and even becomes widescreen to make it look like a movie. It pays off, the episode was visually gorgeous.