Disney Ends Whitewashing Forever by Casting an Asian as Mulan

Much like when Rosa Parks ended racism when she refused to stand on a bus, Disney has put a stop to all future whitewashing controversy in Hollywood by casting an Asian actress to play Mulan in their upcoming live-action remake of the animated classic. ComingSoon.net is reporting that Liu Yifei has been given the title role in the film.

Yifei, who you probably saw in The Forbidden Kingdom but probably not in anything else (unless you took the time to seek out something called Outcast a few years back, and maybe you did because you feel sorry for Hayden Christensen’s career) is said to have been cast for her martial arts skills, which were a must for the character. No word yet on any other casting, but Disney could cast Zac Efron to play Captain Shang at this point and it would be okay, since whitewashing is never going to be an issue ever again now, at least according to your friends on Facebook who complain about people getting in movies “only because of their race.” And who knows? Maybe Disney won’t even have to cast a gray-skinned man who has claws for some reason to play the evil Hun leader Shan Yu.

Mulan is currently without a release date, but it should almost certainly be a box office hit for the Mouse House, so long as the song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is included, otherwise true believers might demand a boycott.

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