Werewolves XLVI: Live Together, Die Alone – Day 5

MOD NOTE: Admirax has dropped out, and is being replaced by subsaharan. Sub has not been resurrected via a game mechanic; he’s taking on Admirax’s role and alignment. Admirax asks that we tell you that her actor got a DUI and had to be recast, and frankly, we can’t come up with better flavor text than that.

After the (second) death of Kevin Arzt, the castaways fell into an uneasy sleep. All of them, that is, except Dr. Leslie Arzt. Bereft at losing his son for the third-ish time, he wandered along the beach, sniffling and stroking the occasional spider for comfort.

“Dr. Arzt,” said a voice behind him. “You shouldn’t be out so late.”

Startled, Dr. Arzt jumped and spun around. It was a mistake — a lethal one. The spider he was cooing over, surprised at the sudden motion, lashed out and bit him.

“There are all sorts of creepy-crawlies wandering around at night,” said Dr. Arzt’s killer, fading back into the darkness. Dr. Arzt watched him go, feeling the poison overtake him, wondering if he would see his son — or anymore cool spiders — in another life.

forget_it_jake is dead. She was a Castaway, and the Atomic Bomb.

In the morning, the castaways awoke and saw that Dr. Arzt was missing. They quickly found his body on the beach. But Dr. Arzt was not the only castaway they couldn’t find.

“Where’s Locke?” asked Maude. “He hasn’t offered me a mango all morning.”

Shaken by their discovery of Dr. Arzt’s body, the castaways organized a search party to find John Locke. It didn’t take them long — he was in his beloved mango grove. But he was not, as was his usual wont, calmly slicing mangos and considering the beauty of the Island. Instead, he lay on the ground, his body mangled and broken. He held in his hand a DHARMA Initiative ID card.

“He must have come out here to meet with his compatriots,” said Crusoe.  “It looks like he met an untimely end, instead.”

InnDEEEEED is dead. He was an Other, and the Lucky Winner.

Three of the castaways were not in the mango grove. The Sawyer type, [random airline passenger], and the magician had split off to search along the beach. Which is why they were the only ones there when a helicopter descended.

“Holy shit!” said the helicopter pilot. “Are you guys stranded here?”

“Do we look like we’re on an all-expenses-paid vacation?” said the Sawyer type.

“Yes, we’re stranded here,” said [random airline passenger]. “And we’d really like to leave.”

“Then get in, quick!” The helicopter pilot threw open the door to his craft.

“What about the others?” said the magician.

“There’s no time!” said the pilot. “I know about this island. You can only get in or out in very specific ways at very specific times. If we wait for anyone else, we might not make it.”

“Okay, screw the others,” said the Sawyer type.

All three piled into the helicopter. It took off, taking them away from the Island — away from their destiny.

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Today’s random event is Oceanic Six. For the next day and night, Smapti JonesCaptain Video, and Pulprobot will be removed from the game. They cannot comment, vote, or be voted for. They cannot be affected by night actions, nor will they be allowed to use their own night actions, if any. The passengers who made it off the island were selected by RNG.


  1. liz156
  2. Capt.LindsayFünke
  3. Doctor Nick
  4. Captain Video (inactive)
  5. Owen1120
  6. Smapti Jones (inactive)
  7. Pulprobot (inactive)
  8. spookyfriend
  9. RobertPostsChild
  10. InnDEEEEED (ThanksgivingStyle)
  11. subsaharan (formerly Admirax)
  12. MacCrocodile
  13. forget_it_jake
  14. A Winged Potato
  15. Zecko
  16. subsaharan


12 Castaways (Town)

4 Others (Wolves)


  • At the start of the game, there are two factions and two factions only. Depending on the course of events, more factions may emerge, including but not limited to a serial killer.
  • The counts of players in each faction will not be updated in the header unless otherwise stated.
  • When a player dies, their faction and role (though not the specifics of what their role means) will be revealed.
  • The Castaways win when all scum factions have been eliminated.
  • The Others win when all Castaways and competing scum factions have been eliminated.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of a day, a two-hour runoff vote will be held between the leading vote-getters.
  • A majority of votes for a player or a No Lynch ends the day early.
  • Do not edit posts.
  • Do not directly quote or screencap from your QT.
  • If you have any questions, please ask Hols and I in your QT.

Day 5 will end on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. EST, or when a majority lynch vote is reached.