Ambush Bug Night Thread


Tonight’s thread is all about Ambush Bug! 

Created by artist Keith Giffen as an intentionally silly character, Ambush Bug first appeared in DC Comics Presents #52 (Dec. 1982) and would make appearances in several other Superman-related comic books in the early 1980s. Paul Kupperberg, who wrote Ambush Bug’s first story, recalled, “as Keith was in the office, he sat in on the plotting and offered up Ambush Bug as an antagonist. The Bug is entirely Keith’s creation …” Giffen has stated that both Ambush Bug and Lobo were derived from Lunatik, a character he created in high school.

In response to positive reader reaction to the character’s first appearance, editor Julius Schwartz directed Giffen to create another Ambush Bug story for DC Comics Presents #59.At first, Ambush Bug was a villain, named after a type of insect, and dressed in a green, skintight suit (with two orange antennae) that cover his whole body. Inside his hollow antennae, he carries miniature robot bugs that possess the ability to teleport him around. After attacking Superman and other heroes, Ambush Bug decides instead to be a superhero as well. He also fancies himself Superman’s friend, which only annoys the hero even more than his early villainy. The costume then becomes permanently affixed to his body, and he gains the power to teleport by himself. While trying to fix one of the miniature bugs, it explodes, causing a chain reaction and a blast that destroys all of the bugs and tints Ambush Bug’s costume temporarily black; he then becomes capable of teleporting even without the bugs (briefly considering changing his moniker to Black Beetle instead).

Ambush Bug became popular enough to be featured in two comic book miniseries and several specials, plotted and penciled by Keith Giffen and scripted by Robert Loren Fleming. The series contains many comic book-enthusiast and DC in-jokes and satire; series editor Julius Schwartz is also a character in the book.

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