The Thursday Politics Thread Has A Nice, Quiet Dinner With Family & Friends

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our ‘Murican Avocadoes!

If you’re anything like me, you’re traveling to some misbegotten place in dread and/or anticipation of seeing relatives or friends and having nice, polite conversations about politics. Or sportsball. Or whatever. It’s all in anticipation of stuffing and drinking ourselves to the brim as we officially ring in the holiday season.

drinking turkey.gif

But just because some of us might be taking our usual political conversations into the real world, that doesn’t mean we won’t have a thread up today!

I was doing battle with holiday traffic yesterday, so I missed this: a Vanity Fair article that explains exactly what Trump told the Russians in the Oval Office.

But enough about that dumb-dumb. What else is horrible? Oh, right. Angela Merkel’s government is collapsing. With the US in the throes of a Gas Leak Presidency, can the new ‘Leader of the Free World’ weather this storm?

Finally, with Ratko Mladic being found guilty of genocide at an International Criminal Tribunal, I feel I should ask us to ponder whether some of the lessons and institutions of the Second World War are still relevant. I’m glad that the sentence is still being levied, but it seems like we see these measures enforced in fewer and fewer circumstances and always, always, well after the fact. (

After all, the US declared the attacks on Burmese Rohingya Muslims as ‘ethnic cleansing’. Is this the start of actual action or just the beginning of a tragedy in slow-motion?

Welcome to The Thursday Politics Thread!

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