The Avocado

Celebrating 1000 Threads at the New Site

I just wanted to announce to everyone (well everyone who skipped the header) that this is our 1000TH THREAD! *Throws confetti* Now you might all be wondering how we are already at 1000 when the place has only been open officially for two weeks and two days and averaging 16 or so posts a day (which is impressive enough and I’m really proud of all the writers who have been posting since we opened up shop), but the truth is that a significant majority of them have been importing the work you have done in the past.

Aside from Classic Coverage, Spotlight write ups, and years of my Month of Horror features (those three categories making up 454 of our articles to date), we also have been importing other back articles including the Let’s Read Old Magazines series and slowly adding old games of Werewolves, a MCU rewatch and a runthrough of Game of Thrones and I’m sure more that I’m forgetting.

It’s easy to miss these, especially all those being backdated, but please give them a look when you’re bored or looking for something to read. I can tell a number of people have been doing that already which is truly heartening. Which brings me to my biggest request. Even with all we’ve brought over, I know there are countless more items for us to preserve from the old channel and while we’ve asked before, I ask again for your help in either bringing stuff here or at the very least, alerting us to old threads you would like to be preserved. With all the private profiles and difficulty searching through that sites history, we need your insights and permissions to make it a reality.

So enjoy this moment since it is your work that made it happen and make sure to thank Daughter of Uhtred who is not only responsible for this being made a separate post and not just some comment, but also for this very site being here today.