Werewolves XLVI: Live Together, Die Alone Sign-Ups

Sixteen passengers on a trans-Pacific flight have just crashed on a deserted island. Their flight plan has gone off course. They don’t know where they are. No one is coming to rescue them.

The island is full of mysteries and miracles. Visions of the past appear, strange dreams haunt your sleep, and in the night, a dark, ominous rumbling passes through the trees. If they are to survive, the castaways must work together.

But not everyone is working toward the same goals. Some of their number are imposters, mysterious Others who never were on the flight. The motives and identities of the Others are unknown, but one thing is for sure–they do not want the best for the true passengers of the flight.

If the passengers of Lycanthropic Flight 815 cannot oust the imposters in their ranks and learn to live together, they’re going to die alone.

Werewolves XLVI will start out with 16 players: 12 Castaways (Town) and 4 Others (Wolves). The numbers in each faction may change as the game progresses (and not just because of deaths). Each player will have a role of some kind, although the exact details of those roles may not be immediately revealed to them. Some roles will be straightforward powers; others will be more complicated.

In addition to player roles, this game will incorporate a random event mechanic. Every day, a random event (chosen by RNG) will occur. These events may help the Castaways, the Others, or neither. Many of them will significantly impact the progression of the game. Some of them, honestly, may end up being kind of annoying. Because of the nature of the random events, it is hard to predict how long this game will last. (In general, you should expect this game to be hard to predict.)

People who die in this game may still have a role to play in events going forward, and are expected to keep an eye on their QTs in case they are needed.

Knowledge of Lost is not necessary for this game, although you may enjoy it more if you’re the kind of person who enjoyed watching Lost. Be prepared for the ground to shift suddenly and inexplicably beneath you.


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