The Thursday Politics Thread Plays The Heel

Come now, there’s no way these people are so clueless they can’t see the optics of this. Million Dollar Man Steven Mnuchin and his wife, Louise Linton, did a photo shoot at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing which was just the worst. This, after an investigation of their use of government planes for questionable purposes and Linton deciding to pick a fight on instagram with a taxpayer. Needless to say, given all of this, we have to assume we are being run by a group of Heels. What do you think Mnuchin’s walk-on theme would be?

Anyway, the Rumble in Alabama continues unabated. Senate Republicans are looking to Trump (Trump!) to restore order and support their efforts to have Roy Moore step aside in the election. Trump, being Trump, returned from his Asia Trip and had no comment on the imbroglio. Ivanka said some harsh words about pedophilia, but didn’t specifically denounce Moore or tell him to step aside. That should be enough.

Two more women came forward, by the way.

The GOP Tax Plan/Cut-Health Care Turducken bill is now in jeopardy. Ron Johnson has signaled his opposition to the bill. Collins is strongly leaning no. McCain, Flake, Murkowski, Corker, and Lankford have concerns. Let’s change some of those to firm NOs, shall we?

Call Congress now: (202) 224-3121

Mayor McSquirrel rule is in effect. Mock him for not being able to drink water right; don’t make a comment where you hope he chokes on it.

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Welcome to Thursday! We’ll get through this together.