Steven Universe: S5E8 “Back to the Kindergarten” (This time I didn’t mess up aaaaaAAAHHH!)

Hoi there! Apologies the other day for the switcheroo between the episodes Gemcation and Raising the Barn. I recall making a quick glance of the Wikipedia page for the list of Steven Universe episodes and mistakenly saw Raising the Barn to be next after Dewey Wins aaaaand assumed I was correct and hastily posted the page.

Peridot My Bad

Anyway, here’s your daily dose of discussing the Stevenbomb!

Stray Observations:

  • I assume Perdot’s depressed voice is Shelby Rabara’s take on Jasper’s voice.
  • Now why didn’t they take Pumpkin along for the train ride? Deny us the pumpkin puppers will they…
  • It’s a really smart workaround of the writers that even though they didn’t have Natasha Lyonne on hand to voice Smoky Quartz, they could still radiate her character threw a closeup and a wink.
  • There’s gotta be a symbolism that Peridot, a farmer, was eaten by a turnip-shaped Gem monster.