The Avocado

Pod People 11.13.17


Love and Radio: 44 Years – This episode is an interview with a man who was unjustly kept in solitary confinement for decades. Decades. I know a lot of people can’t believe this is a thing that happens here, but it does, and it’s important to know these stories.


Here Be Monsters: Are You Sure You’re Awake – Holy crap this is a terrifying description of night terrors and narcolepsy. I had no idea what it was like for some people.


Still Buffering: How to Sexism – Lord, it’s depressing how much Rileigh is already used to sexism when she’s only 17.


The Dollop 302: Hume and Hovell – This entire episode was hilarious but especially worth it for the continued joke about birds pretending to be dogs. Look, just listen, it’s too complicated to explain.

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