The Thursday Politics Thread Is Issued A Gag Order


In the aftermath of all the winning Democratic candidates were enjoying, US Judge Amy Berman Jackson issued a gag order in the criminal trial of Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his protege Rick Gates. This included all parties, the defendants, their lawyers, and any potential witnesses. Due to the intense public interest in the case, she found a gag order necessary to ensure the defendants have a right to a free and fair trial.

“I expect counsel to make their statements in the courtroom and in pleadings, and not on the courthouse steps”

She’s basically told them( and I believe this is mostly directed at Manafort’s lawyers) to quit talking to the press for fear of tainting the jury pool for the trial of President Trump’s former campaign manager.

Meanwhile, former President Obama was doing his civic duty on Wednesday when he showed up  to potentially serve on a jury.  *cough*

Also fun, Senator Bob Corker is going to hold a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the President’s authority to use nuclear weapons on November 14.

Nothing ominous about that!

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