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Hooray, we made it to the new site, and just in the Knick of time.  As Kristaps Porzingis has been incredible so far, lifting the Knicks to the heights of mediocrity and making it possible to believe that maybe they will be good in our lifetimes.

Other stories of note:

  • Big three way trade in the NHL.  Are the Senators and Preds now lined up to meet for the Cup?
  • The Big Ten becomes the Big Mess.
  • The Eagles, Saints, and Lions rise, the Giants sink into the swamp, and Brady has a week off.
  • Free agency starts in baseball, but are there any players who will make a big difference for new teams?
  • The Warriors are back to their usual selves, and the Celts are suddenly dominating the East
  • RIP Roy “Doc” Halladay