It’s All Fun And Games Day Thread

Milton Bradley; All in the Game book by J. Shea, 1960
Hola Guacs, today’s pop culture jump off point: Board games. (Note to younger members, these were like Xbox except you played them with your grandparents)

Today would have been the 181st birthday of Milton Bradley, founder of the company that bears his name, creators of Battleship, The Game Of Life, Operation and many other rainy Sunday time killers. Classics such as…


(Yeah, maybe consoles are the way to go)

Alternatively, you can have a quick try of the game invented by another birthday boy Hermann Rorshach, where you identify inkblots like this

(How you lot are supposed to recognise that’s my dad holding a gun I don’t know, you’ve never even seen him)

So there are your starter topics, take it away.