The Official Grand Opening of The-Avocado

I officially welcome you to the grand opening of our new site.  Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for supporting this project and I hope that we make this place a home that lasts us a long while.  In the coming days, I am certain that there will be some minor growing pains, but I confident that this site will be something truly special, and that’s entirely due to the creativity and passion of this community.   So you are probably asking yourself right now, what does the grand opening mean and what’s the new procedure?  Well as of right now, 100% of all threads should be made on the website using WordPress accounts.  For those of you who still haven’t signed up to do so, if you are interested in creating threads, register your WordPress account name right over here.   If threads are accidentally created on the site, mods will be going in to advise the creator of the move and close out the comments.  Keeping this community together is paramount.

On that note, I was unable to sync up the site and the channel.  What does that mean?
But for real, on your end it means that if you want to continue to access comments via Disqus (like if you are blocked at work from WordPress), you will need to bookmark the Disqus forum for the website which is right here.  Those comments are in sync with those on threads on the website.  Just click on the comment number in the post and it will expand the comment section.  In order to make sure members who have gone dormant or those who have missed the news, to make sure they can find us, mods will still be posting the occasional thread on the channel with links of where to find us at.   Old threads will remain in tact over there, but I implore those of you who have taken the time and energy to write up threads to make a copy of it and archive it on the site.  It’d be awesome to just click on the menu for artist Spotlights and have a whole page to scroll through some insightful pieces written by our community members.  Here’s a helpful walkthrough on how to publish threads.

Another ability we gained when moving up to the site was the ability to add more mods and some admins (to help with site design).  I can officially announce here that Fredegar “Parnassus” Bolger, Liz156, lutair, and Wafflicious have all been promoted to full time mods.  A Winged Potato has agreed to stay on as our maintenance man to clean up tags and keep the menu purring admin to help with keeping things running smooth. I refer to him as our own Scruffy.


I’d also like to make a shout out to subsaharan who has helped us make the place look presentable and Cookie Monster for letting us use some art he made for the channel.  Also a huge thank you to our “angel investor” for having faith in this place and the cash onhand to back that up.  You’re the best.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank all the mods who have also pitched in.  Mindy, Waffles, lutair, Fredegar, you guys are awesome.   This place really is a giant group effort and I hope that in the many days to come, we’ll just see that spirit of community grow even stronger.

One last note.  There are going to be a few ways you’ll be able to follow that site now that we’ve upgraded, so if you want direct notifications of any time a thread is made, AWP is here to tell you how.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm, your feedback, and support.  I’m thrilled to see how great we’re going to make this place.  Now go get to shitposting or whatever it is you crazy kids like to do.