The Thursday Politics Thread Throws The Kush Under The Bus

Who’s That Rapscallion?
Who’s That Little Spark Plug?
There Couldn’t Be Anyone Braver
That’s Right, It’s liddle’ Jared Kushner!

Mnuchin from offstage: He’s also quite good getting into small spaces!

The Story So Far: At the tender age of 24, Real Estate Wunderkind Jared Kushner’s family was torn apart due to the machinations of that crass bully and all around no goodnik Chris Cross Christie! Taken under the wing of Deal Maker and Good Brain-Haver Daddy Drumpf, The Kush soon flourished! Now President Daddy needed Jared’s help to Make Donald Drumpf Again, thus becoming Jared Kushner, Boy Adventurer! Using his Real Estate know-how and New York moxie, he and his Best Gal, Liddle’ Lady Ivanka, solve America’s, and the World’s problems, in the face of vicious adversaries from the Deep State!

Much has changed for the Kush. Spicey, his faithful dog and companion, was sent to a farm upstate somewhere. That loudmouth Mooch came and went and all the while The Deep State’s Man, Big Bobby Mueller, is baselessly arresting all of Daddy Drumpf’s friends! In this darkest of times, disgraced friend and adversary of the Kush, Slimy Steve Bannon, has regained Daddy Drumpf’s ear, putting all of the blame on our Boy Adventurer! Will his plan succeed?

There’s a pot of water boiling on the stove for the Kush, friends, but our Jared’s not licked yet!
Tune in for this week’s episode!…

Welcome to the Thursday Politics Thread!

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