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Pod People: October 10/30/17


Love + Radio: Murdertown, USA This episode about a guy who started writing to/interviewing serial killers for fun is timed well with the recent release of Mindhunter. I was a high schooler who read a lot about serial killers for a time, though not at all for the same reasons this guy outlines, I still find myself somewhat interested in the subject. So I knew I’d be drawn to this episode, even as I found myself judging the guy a little, completely hypocritically. The episode gets more morally interesting as we get into his website, which sells murder memorabilia.


Switchblade Sisters Pilot This is a bit unfair as this podcast is only accessible to Maximum Fun members as part of their podcast pilot testing group, but it’s REALLY great, y’all, and so I’m writing about it so you can all keep an eye out for when it inevitably gets picked up as a permanent Maximum Fun podcast. In this podcast, the host interviews women who are directors and discusses genre films with them. The first episode is an in-depth talk about The Others and why it was so quietly brilliant, featuring the director of American Fable. If you are a MaxFun member, this pilot is worth checking out!


Heavyweight: Rose is the story of why a woman was kicked out of a sorority. I kind of zoned out for the beginning and then suddenly became very interested, because it seemed like such a mystery. It didn’t end up being a huge dramatic mystery, but it was an interesting human story.


Embedded: Trump Stories: Kushner If for some reason you don’t already know how much of a monster Jared Kushner is, listen to this episode to find out. I hope his grandparents come back to haunt him and tell him he brings shame to their name.


Who Shot Ya: Halloween Spooktacular I’m digging this new podcast, especially the diversity of its regular hosts and guests. This episode is extra fun as they talk about their most memorable scary movie scares with Emily Gordon, give some love to their favorite horror movies, and play a game matching horror scores to their movies.