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Fashion Club: 10/30

This is going up a day early, because the weather is miserable here and it promises to be less so tomorrow. So I am here now. Let’s do this.

We are on The Avocado now! We are Doing It Live. Suggestions for a new header image will be taken under advisement, and probably ignored.

This Week’s Thing I Don’t Like is pants getting old. I said goodbye to a well-used pair of pants, some black military-style khakis that came from a factory store. In hindsight, I should have bought three pairs.

The pants tore open near the seat, and they’re not worth repairing. Sad, though I definitely got my money’s worth over the years. The pants had faded from a real black to a sort of dusty almost-black, so I saw this coming.
Photo on 10-30-17 at 7.11 PMPhoto on 10-30-17 at 7.09 PM

Anyway. Let’s move on.

This Week’s Thing I Like is weird pants. I was able to replace these pants with a strange offering from Levi’s, from their “Line 8” series:
My color is the discontinued anthracite. They have a waxy texture, which will take some adjustment. They do have a little stretch, which I’m not wild about, but I’ll live. This was the last pair, and I had to settle for a longer length than I’d prefer, but the style is right. They’ll be fine with most shoes, and I’ll live with cuffs if I wear boots. Better interesting and imperfect than technically sound but dull.

Fashion Club Action Item: Who else wants a piece of this? I’d be glad to share Club Leadership™ if someone has interest. Ideally this person would have some knowledge of women’s clothes – at least more than my male / middle-class / white perspective. But I’m not fussy. Let’s work something out.

Finally, I am waiting for Original Penguin to put some dang sweaters on sale. What do you have this week?