Werewolves 43: Witch Trials – Day Two

Sewerus Pumpkin sold a lot of soap that night, as the people were desperate to wash off the death of an innocent child. When the last horrified customer left, he happily jangled his many new coins and locked the door. Starting a fire in the store may not have been necessary after all, he thought, these people will fall for anything.

He pulled back a floorboard behind the counter where he would keep the day’s winnings for the night. During the day, the compartment held a leather-bound book, five black candles, and a long knife. He put away the money and took out the book, the candles, and the kni–. Where’s the knife? The Devil isn’t going to be happy I lost his good knife.

At that moment, the missing knife was rediscovered stuck in Sewerus Pumpkin’s back. He would rediscover the knife six times before he finally lost consciousness.

Across town, Thackery Binx, once a boy, now a cat, laid himself down to sleep nestled safely among the graves in the old church yard. In the morning, he was found once again a victim of foul witchcraft. The groundskeeper of the church found a new unusual statue among the gravestones: a sleeping cat carved in white marble.

Sewerus Pumpkin/SewerRatPumpkinPie has died. He was a witch.

Thackery Binx/LindsayFunke has died. She was a colonist.


Starting Roles
10 Colonists (Vanilla Town) – No special powers. Town-aligned.
2 Adulterers (Lovers) – Share a private QT. Town-aligned
1 Minister (Cop) – Investigate the alignment of one player per night, results are WITCH and NOT A WITCH. Town-aligned.
1 Magistrate (Jailer) – Select a player each night to both shield from night actions and prevent from enacting their actions. Town-aligned
3 Witches (Werewolves) – Share a private chat room with the Devil. Collectively, they select a player each night to kill. Scum-aligned.
1 Devil (one-shot witch recruiter) – Same as witches above, plus a one-time recruitment. Scum-aligned.
1 Crazed Zealot (Serial Killer) – Selects one player per night to kill. Unaligned.

Rule Clarifications:
– The Jailer cannot jail themself.
– If any number of witches is alive and free to act, they can still carry out their night kill, even if one of them is jailed. The Devil’s recruitment requires the Devil to be alive and free to act.
– The Devil and the Witches would turn up as WITCH on a cop’s investigation. All others turn up NOT A WITCH.
– A tie at the end of day results in No Lynch. A majority of living players voting for any one person (or No Lynch) ends the day early.
If you have any other questions about rules, please ask in QT, and I will answer publicly here.

The Players
SewerRatPumpkinPie – witch
HolsGG – colonist
Colonel Mustard
Smapti Jones
David S. PUUUUUUUUmpkins
Capt.LindsayMonsterFück – colonist
the good king pluggerwumps
Murder Fellow Embalming Fluid
Captain Video
Plague Doctor Nick