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The Thing From Another World

John Carpenter’s The Thing is widely considered one of the greatest movies ever and with good reason. It’s absolutely brilliant and is has an unrelenting atmosphere. It’s more well-known than the film it’s a remake of Christian Nyby and Howards Hawks’ The Thing From Another World, which is a shame since that’s great too.


The Thing From Another World follows a group of scientists Air Force crewmen as they find a UFO and even an alien in the ice of Antarctica. The alien… The Thing quickly thaws and wrecks havoc on the base. Can the scientists stop The Thing?!?


The Thing in this version is radically different than The Thing in the Carpenter version. Because the special effects of the area weren’t able to create the inhuman monster from the source material, John W. Campbell’s Who Goes There?, The Thing is changed to a generic human-like alien. This isn’t a problem, as he’s played with great menace by James Arness.


There is an issue with the directorial credit. Though Christian Nyby is the credited director, many feel that producer Howard Hawks did most of the directing. Some actors say Hawks did 99% of the directing while other actors say Nyby did most of the directing. The rumor goes that Hawks gave Nyby full credit so he could get a Director’s Guild membership. Nowadays, most people cite The Thing from Another World as being directed by both Nyby and Hawks.