Werewolf Away Team – Day 4

Ensign Zecko Callahan was a man who always had a plan to follow. Whether it was to enlist in Starfleet, to graduate with honors, or to finally live his dream: of serving aboard a real starship and travelling the galaxy.

Yes, Zecko liked knowing what to do, and he liked having marching orders to follow as well. So when he was called down to Engineering for some late night maintenance, he thought nothing of it. These extra hours would surely help him move up the ranks.

But there was something Ensign Zecko didn’t account for that evening, nor did ominous figures who found his bloodied corpse slumped over a desk.

“I just got here, was this you?”

“No, I was in the canteen. Did you know they have real Blood Wine on this ship? Sure better than the shit in that tavern!

“I was in the holodeck watching, uh… a historical drama. Very educational.”

Finally the last figure spoke:

“I don’t care about your wine, or your smutty holograms, or whatever the hell else that’s been distracting you knuckleheads. If this wasn’t us who was it??

Ensign Zecko Callahan is DEAD. He was Vanilla Town!


2)Lovely Bones
5)Flubba Gunto
6)El Marinero Klingon Warrior
8)Flaxon Jackson
12)HolsGG Chief Security Officer
15)Thinking Of Changing My Name
16)The Bill McNeal
18)space robot

4 Changlings – vanilla scum
1 Serial Killer – scum
6 Vanilla Town
1 Empath – is sent a message about a random player whose orientation has changed (no info will be given about whether they’ve change from town to scum.
2 Medical Officers (doctor) – has serum to cure Changeling Virus Are now Vanilla Town
1 Chief Security Officer (jailer)– (protects the player of their choosing from death or infection at night. If someone with a special power is targeted, they will not be able to use their power)
1 Klingon Warrior (vigilante) – Has a two shot night kill power

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