Werewolf Away Team – Day 3

Cadet Salamander Janeway-Paris never knew quite where he fit in. Born as the result of one man’s incredible hubris, and stranded, forgotten, far off in the Delta quadrant, Sal didn’t have a lot of options for bettering himself.

So it was a stroke of unbelievable luck that a nice man from Starfleet – the very same organization that lead to his existence – landed on the desolate rock he and his siblings called “home”. Now, Sal didn’t understand what the nice scientist was saying quite yet, but that was OK. Anything was better than his current living situation. It made no difference that he was being recruited by Starfleet’s ill-advised, “Bring Lizard Monsters to Space” program, nor did it matter that, technically speaking, he was already in space. He wouldn’t have argued.

And so Sal was raised by the nice scientists, who poked and prodded him, but also taught him so many new things. Soon he was talking, then reading, and before long he was graduating from Starfleet academy with honors, just like his parents! Well, one of his parents, anyway.

Finally Sal had a real family to call his own aboard the USS Okami, and he would work hard with the hope that, one day, he could finally meet the people who abandoned him, and he could show them that he turned out pretty well despite his lineage, not because of it.

He was thinking just that when he heard a knock on the door one night.

“Oh no, is this ANOTHER inoculation?”, he thought. But it wasn’t the friendly doctors this time. No, this was a sinister presence, indeed.

Sal tried to fight, but his assailant was so much faster and stronger. Pinned to the floor with a phaser stuck against his temple, Sal could only think of how far he’d come, and how much more he had to do.

Cadet Salamander Janeway-Paris (Subsaharan) is dead. He was vanilla town


2)Lovely Bones
5)Flubba Gunto
6)El Marinero Klingon Warrior
8)Flaxon Jackson
12)HolsGG Chief Security Officer
15)Thinking Of Changing My Name
16)The Bill McNeal
18)space robot

4 Changlings – vanilla scum
1 Serial Killer – scum
1 Empath – is sent a message about a random player whose orientation has changed (no info will be given about whether they’ve change from town to scum.
2 Medical Officers (doctor) – has serum to cure Changeling Virus Are now Vanilla Town
1 Chief Security Officer (jailer)– (protects the player of their choosing from death or infection at night. If someone with a special power is targeted, they will not be able to use their power)
1 Klingon Warrior (vigilante) – Has a two shot night kill power

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