WOLF COPS 3 – The Possession of liz156 (Signups)

Avocado Town had seen more than its share of grisly murders. The extranormal events of The Wolfening had become stuff of legend but myriad strange happenings everywhere in the small town of late had begun to heighten fears that another wolfening was nigh. Over the years, its troubled police department had been there at every step to bumble its way through one slipshod investigation after the next. With the reinstatement of Sub V. Suberson as police chief came the promise of a more competent police force but those hopes were soon dashed when rumors of supernatural activity in the precinct began to spread again. Against the backdrop of dark magic foisted on the town by the fabled Tree Stump of lore whom, if you would all recall was also the Fish Emperor (all hail the Fish Emperor), the small town must now place faith in their police department to root out the wolves within their ranks while also facing down fears of possible annihilation at the hands of the Tree Stump’s worshipers who deal in the dark arts.

This is Werewolf XXXVII: Wolf Cops 3 – The Possession of liz156!

This is a semi-custom setup and there’s potential for shifting alliances and for betrayal. More elaboration will come but for now, it’s vanilla cops vs wolf cops vs. the Order of the Stump masquerading as cops and a few special roles and surprises along the way.

The game is split up into 3 teams. Town (Vanilla Cops) and Werewolves (Wolf Cops) and The Order.


Vanilla Cops – 14
Wolf Cops – 2
The Order – 3

Player list:

1) ninjaliz156
2) Flaxon Jackson
3) Spiny Creature
4) Colonel Mustard
5) Brittabot
6) Shinichiki
7) Candide
8) Owen1120
9) lindsayfunke
10) BannerThief
11) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
12) HolsGG
13) InnDE
14) Zecko
15) Creeper
16) Otakunomike
17) forget_it_jake
18) Admirax
19) Mello
20) MacCrocodile


Lovely Bones
Harvey Dent