Werewolf XXXV: D&D, Day 2: Wolves of Winter Night

“Oops.” — Tasselhoff Burrfoot

As the corpse of sweet, innocent Ted – grieving husband, devoted father, and a godly man – hit the floor, the rest of the adventurers, some shamefaced, others with renewed suspicion, stared at each other, at a loss for what to do now. The sound of a blade leaving its sheath made them turn towards the bar, where a woman with short, brown hair pointed a well-tended dagger in their direction. “There’ll be no killin’ in my inn,” she declared, gesturing for her employees and regulars to surround the stunned party. The adventurers drew closer together as a number of menacing figures approached them. Just then, the door to the inn was flung open, and a small, fine-boned fellow with an elaborate topknot entered, whistling cheerfully, carrying an armload of luggage stacked higher than his head, oblivious to the tension in the room. He promptly ran into the back of a Dwarf warrior as wide as she was tall, who stumbled into a scarred Baaz holding a nearly empty liquor bottle. The Baaz, very inebriated, swung his bottle at the Dwarf, but the blow sailed over her head and caught a nearby ranger in the ear. With that, the brawl was on. In the chaos, many lives were lost.

Count Crocula, slinking his way towards the door, was the first to go, taking an errant crossbow bolt to the chest and ruining his fine cape in the process.

The Shrike, fascinated by the mayhem, exclaimed, “sMOoTh nOt scALY FISHy wHO iS not a fIsHY! yOUr sTicky RED inSIdes ArE OUtSIdE; SHalL i PuT thEM bAcK IN?” A grimy Gully Dwarf whipped around at his words and shouted, “‘ere now, what’d you call me?” before sweeping the Shrike’s legs out from under him with a club. The Shrike was fatally trampled by the mob in seconds.

Witnessing this carnage, the bookish Candide sought refuge under a nearby table, his thoughts racing to discover a way out of this mess. When a Minotaur landed heavily on the table and smashed it beneath him, all thoughts left Candide’s head, as did his brains.

Some adventurers saw an opportunity in the chaos and calmly stalked the edges of the melee, looking for an opening. Noticing Xylem crouched behind the bar, sending vines out to wrap insensate fighters and drag them to safety, one duplicitous fellow traveler slipped around the bar, crept up behind the focused druid, and slit his throat with a gleeful chuckle.

Elsewhere in the room, another unseen villain launched a throwing dagger straight at Baern Darkrum as he bashed two Elves’ heads together with great gusto. The dagger flew true yet was somehow deflected a centimeter from its target by an unseen force. “Well tha’s neat,” noted the Dwarf before returning to the fray.

Meanwhile, the insouciant Kender who started the bloodbath finally reached the stairs, untouched by the turmoil, and headed up, still whistling his jaunty tune, which made for odd music against the screams of the dying.

Count Chocula is dead. He was Town.
TCRM is dead. He was Town.
Candide is dead. He was a Red Dragon.
Colonel Mustard is dead. He was Town.

15 11 Town (Good)
3 2 Red Dragons (Lawful Evil)
3 Black Dragons (Chaotic Evil)
** Note: At the Merge, one Townsperson will become a Serial Killer (Chaotic Neutral).

I have created a mini-wiki QT with some common terminology and rules for the Avocado’s version of Werewolf/Mafia. Refer to it if needed, especially if you’re a new player. All players are also encouraged to add to it as they see fit.

You vote by replying to the very first comment one of the very first comments, appropriately titled VOTE THREAD. It is easy to find if you sort comments by oldest. To change or withdraw your vote, simply post another reply. DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE ANY VOTE. Only votes posted as a direct reply to the official VOTE THREAD will count.

Note that if the vote is tied at Twilight (end of day), there will be a runoff vote between the tied players, with Twilight extended by one hour. If the runoff vote also results in a tie, another player besides the tied players will be randomly selected for death.

Please make at least 3 posts per game-day, or you may be replaced or mod-killed.

DO NOT EDIT POSTS even if you made a grammatical error that is haunting you. Rather, read through and think carefully about your comment before posting it. Editing a post may get you mod-killed, and that would be sad.

DO NOT QUOTE OR POST A SCREENSHOT FROM A QT TO THE MAIN DAY OPEN THREAD (OT) OR SHARED QT. You are free to make claims about your powers and alignment wherever, but those claims will not be confirmed or denied by the moderator.

Days will typically last 24 hours unless a majority vote is reached before that. A typical night will last 12 hours. Day/Night lengths may be adjusted if necessary.

If you have questions that may reveal sensitive information, you can ask them in your individual QT. You are encouraged to ask questions about the rules of the game, how your powers work, and whatever else comes to mind.

Attack arguments, not people. Players have different playing styles; be accommodating to them. Role playing is welcome but not required (though do try to be generally consistent with the setting and your race/class or clan). Finally, remember that it’s just a game, and have fun!


Forgotten Realms
1) cuttles / Fade M’lv’l’f’r (Elf ranger)
2) HolsGG / Rouge Rogue (Aasimar rogue)
3) InnDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED / Indy (Halfling wizard)
4) lutair / Baern Darkrum (Dwarf psychic warrior)
5) Zecko / Talzen Taer (Drow monk)
6) Colonel Mustard / Xylem (Human druid) — Town
7) HappiestHogan@StarkIndustries / Ted (Half-Elf cleric) — Town

1) lindsayfunke / lady AUTONOMOUS PROTECTION BOT (Psiforged warmage)
2) Mello Yello Enthusiast / Murphy “Snake” Myes (Human rogue)
3) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts / Harriet Thoughtson (Dwarf swashbuckler)
4) Dr. Nick / Holimion (Elf sorcerer)
5) Otakunomike / Tomine (Human paladin)
6) subsaharan / Turminder Xuss (Shifter ranger)
7) Candide (Kalashtar scholar) — Red Dragon

Vampire: The Masquerade
1) Owen1120 / Hogarth (Brujah)
2) BannerThief / Amedeo Ladro di Bandiera (Toreador)
3) TCRM / The Shrike (Malkavian) — Town
4) Spiny Creature / Magda (Nosferatu)
5) Hegel Exercises / Hieronymus Fludd (Tremere)
6) MacCrocodile / Count Crocula (Gangrel) — Town
7) Shinichiki / Mortem Gallinacius (Ventrue)

Day Two ends at 5:00pm EST on Saturday, July 15, or if a majority lynch vote is reached first.

Day One