Werewolf XXXII Signups: As The Wolf Turns

Werewolf game hosted by Spiny Creature

We open on an establishing shot of a sun-soaked town – more of an enclave, maybe – with too much wealth and too many secrets. The camera pans over the terracotta roofs of mansion after mansion, each with a swimming pool out back gleaming like a turquoise stone.

But on the outskirts of town – near the border with the city of Low Junction – lie neighborhoods with less luck.
There, the residents – some family black sheep, some broke divorcees, some bitter barmen and waitresses – fume about the constant deceit of feuding, incestuous families like the Richersons, the Blancs, and the Von Cleefs.

They know this sleepy town doesn’t protect itself. They know families that should have home security systems don’t. They know people can be easily cornered at parties. And so… they ponder.

Welcome to Werewolf XXXII: As the Wolf Turns




8 Soapstone Residents (Town)
1 Troubled Cop (Town)
1 Sexy Doctor (Town)

4 Vengeful Outcasts (Wolves)
1 Escaped Asylum Inmate (Serial Killer)

Notes: The Vengeful Outcasts know each other’s identities and share a private chat. Everyone else does not know who each other are, and can usually only communicate on the open game thread.

The Troubled Cop can check the alignment (wolf or not-wolf) of one player per night.

The Sexy Doctor can choose one player per night to protect from murder, either by the Outcasts or the Inmate. If the chosen player actually was targeted for death, the saved player cannot use any role or action on that night due to hospitalization. (If they were not targeted by scum, they can use their role as normal.)

The Escaped Asylum Inmate is scum who works alone, and can kill one player per night. They only win by eliminating all other players.

Notes for All Players:
Read your initial role description carefully! Part of my goal with this game was to invent new roles and liabilities that would create soapy plot twists, and some characters have secrets that will inform their gameplay, even if it gives them no extra power they can use.

Despite the name, this game is not specifically inspired by As The World Turns. I’ve drawn inspiration from all soaps, telenovelas, and shows that might as well be soaps (hi, Pretty Little Liars), and you’re free to do the same.

SO, my other goal with this game was to create a free setting people could have fun with. My only RP rule is to be as melodramatic as possible. Confess you’re in love with your own brother, just for fun. Go nuts.

This is my first swing at online modding, and I’ve got an only semi-flexible work schedule, so be patient with me and feel free to point out where something is unclear or wrong! I’ve paraphrased a lot of this from past mods I played under (Mustard and Jake!), so thanks. And thanks to Harvey Dent and Tyrone for listening to me ramble about this setup.

Comment here if you’d like to play or be backup. For newbies, this might be a more confusing game than usual to jump into, between plot twists I wrote into the game mechanics and plot twists players will probably come up with themselves, but confusing chaos is what soaps are all about! It’d probably be a fun first game.

I’m planning for this game to start Monday (June 5), probably around 11 AM EST. I will aim for 24-hour Days and 12-hour Nights, as much as possible. I’ll let people know when QT links are ready to be sent (over the weekend).


1) Creeper

2) BannerThief

3) Milkproof Robot

4) Holly Jolly Allison

5) subsaharan

6) FJ’s Motorized Hot Tub

7) El Marinero

8) Happiest Man

9) MacCrocodile

10) Mello Yello Enthusiast

11) Colonel Mustard

12) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts

13) HolsGG

14) Forget_It_Jake

15) InnDeee(etc.)d


1) the good king snugglewumps

2) liz156

3) Candide