Top Television Moments and Weekly TV Discussion Thread

Welcome back to the thread in which you get to talk about all the tv you’ve watched over the past 7 days, particularly one things that were really working for you. Now that we are entering the dog days of summer, my list with most likely be comprised of old or streaming shows, with a smattering from premium cable. Because everyone watches tv at their own pace, please use spoiler tags when getting into specifics.

Fargo There might not be any relationships in this world more complicated than the ones between siblings. With a shared history along with shared genetics, no matter what crap they may pull, it’s hard to just move on rather than to try to fix things. This week Ray appears to be trying to do just that when he insists on giving Emmit the stamp he’s spent the season trying to get his hands on. Maybe it was the wording that set Emmit off, or perhaps he just wanted a reason to keep resenting his big brother, but after refusing to accept it, Ray accidentally hits him in the head with the glass frame sending a shard into Emmits neck. After he removes it(against his brother’s advice), Ray just stands over in horror(and most likely a bit of relief) as his watching his baby brother bleed out on the floor beneath him. It’s a scene reminiscent of Breaking Bad when Walter refuses to help Jane overdosing, and McGregor did a fine job wordlessly displaying the mix of emotions in such a cruel act of inaction.

American Gods As I said on the AVClub review last night, this episode was coowned by Gillian Anderson as Bowie and Crispin Glover as Mr. World, and it’s almost shocking that scene in the interrogation room is not my top spot for the week. But that’s only because AG introduced one of my favorite new pairings, Laura and Mad Sweeney. Watching him charge at her and her literally just flick him across the room effortlessly just made my day. The icing on the cake was when the cops barged in on him drowning Dead Wife and her playing the part to get him arrested. This better be the first of many face off leading to their partnership. tm0529

This week in streaming has included 10 episodes of Master of None and 2 seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and honestly, there’s just too many great moments to pick just one so I’m not even gonna try. I’ll just say the highlights have been Paro the robotic seal companion and the back of the Dumpster Baby episode. Now it’s your turn to share.

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