Top Television Moments and Weekly TV Discussion Thread

Hello again, and welcome back to your ON TIME addition of Top Moments, you’re chance to talk about what stood out most to you in the last week of tv, whether it be live or streaming. Please be courteous and mark spoilers when discussing specifics since everyone watches shows at their own pace.

Agents of SHIELD I’m going to miss this arc so much of AoS. Each episode I was begging for the next one to come. And then ABC had to announce their fall lineup and AoS isn’t anywhere to be found, so the wait to see what happened to our Agent of Space s going to be at least 7 months away. The finale did pack in a whole bunch of action as well as the return of Ghost Rider who finally got to tag team a fight with Daisy. And my top moment goes to Coulson walking into the room right after and lamenting that he missed it, since he knew those 2 together would be badass.

Supernatural The show packed in a lot in its final 2 hours. In my mind, I know my top spot from those episodes should be Dean going into his mom’s mind and finally being brutally honest about how he hates her for the damage her deal made for her sons. But that’s my logical side knowing it should be my top moment. Instead, my heart squees “Oh my Chuck, BOBBY’S BACK!!!!” Sure, that welcome back seems short lived, but I’m going to delude myself til the fall return that with Mary being trapped over their with him, those boys will reopen that rift and snag back their parents.

The Americans The Americans It feels a little weird to be listing this scene in my top moments thread cause it has an implication of making me happy or satisfied, but I can assure you this scene left me gutted and pissed. Going off nothing but a 40 year old photo and the best guess of the Russian government, the Jennings break into the house of a WWII traitor with the intent of getting a confession out of her before shooting her. She makes pleas with them that they are mistaken, and she was just an immigrant that feel in love with a US soldier, making a compelling case for her innocence. The Jennings aren’t buying it and stall for when her husband comes home. The woman clearly loves her husband, and she gives them the confession that they want, and for a few moments I wonder if she is just telling them what they want to hear. But when her husband arrives and the gun is pointed at him, she tells her depressing story of how she was forced to kill her own people at the cost of being spared by the Nazis. The admission rings true and sympathetic and Phillip stalls at ending her. But Elizabeth steps in and kill the husband followed by his wife. I had been having a hard time supporting the Jennings, especially in light about how wrong they were on the wheat story, but this was the official turning point in me rooting against them.

What were your top spots?

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