Top Television Moments and Weekly TV Discussion Thread

Hello Guacs and welcome back to the Top Moments thread. Sorry it went missing last week. I had a funeral to attend in the morning and it kind of set the whole tone of my day to a shitty one and posting my thread completely slipped my mind. For those of you new to this area, it’s your chance to talk about what really stood out to you in the last week of tv viewing, whether it be new or streaming. Please use spoiler tags if getting into specifics.

iZombie The best thing about iZombie(besides Ravi’s charm) is getting to see Liv embody a new personality each week. This past installment upped that enjoyment by adding Major to the mix and the two turning into a father/daughter duo….with a twist. I would have cracked up from Major’s taking on a teenage girl persona, but it was elevated to new heights with the dynamic of Liv acting as his father. I can’t even pinpoint one great moment from the episode, because every scene with either or both of them was such a delight.

Agents of SHIELD So my next 2 moments are going to make it in, not because I enjoyed them in a traditional sense, like being elated, but they were both effective on a different level. I’m curious if those of you who watch the show are loving the Framework/Matrix plot as much as me. The friend I usually talk to about this show is not a fan, but alternate reality timelines to him are a waste of time and played out, which I can’t really argue that he’s wrong. But why I love them is the chance to see actors and characters in a whole new light. This could definitely be said of Iain de Caestecker who is scary good at being scary bad. I’m glad the show has taken to calling him The Doctor in this reality, because he’s certainly not the Fitz we’ve all come to know and love. I was already highly uncomfortable seeing him kiss anyone who wasn’t Jemma, but the was just the tip of the iceberg in breaking my heart. We later see how not-Fitz this incarnation is when he murders Radcliff’s beloved ex Agnes for what I will maintain was no good reason. Jemma can’t help but come out of hiding screaming Fitz’s name in horror, in for a brief moment, their appears to be recognition on his face. Damn Whedons know how to tear on my heart more than anyone else.

Bates Motel Again, this plot development didn’t so much make me happy as it did shock me and remind me we really are in the home stretch now. For an episode titled “The Body”, this seemed to be the slowest paced of the season. But the episode managed to wake me back up when Romero showed back up at the Bates Motel or more accurately, the Bates residence. Instead of finding Norman in the basement, he finds Chick, who’s decided to try to channel his inner-Bates in an effort to work on his novel. After a lengthy back and forth at gunpoint, revealing secrets to the former sheriff, out of nowhere Romero allows his grief to get the best of him and his shoots the beloved weirdo right in the head. I really didn’t see that coming, gun aimed at him or not. I was sure Chick would have been the narrator that brings this story to the masses, but now he’s just another victim on that property.

Better Call Saul Now depending on your read of the scene, the top moment for my week might be seen as just another one of Chuck’s lashing out fits. But to me, I think the premiere episode just showed a great reversal in roles. After having been conned last year by Jimmy(or in the show just days ago)into filing court documents with incorrect info on them, Chuck managed to tape a confession. Now Chuck and his partner know that this tape has almost next to no value to them, either legally or to regain their client. But Ernesto does not know that. In what I saw as an elaborate ruse, Chuck lets Ernesto accidentally hear this recording and immediately berates him and warns him about the seriousness of it and how important it is to be kept secret. His smug look of self-satisfaction has me convinced this was all done on purpose(especially since Ernesto only heard Jimmy’s voice and nothing incriminating) to have Ernesto go back to Jimmy and let him know Chuck has got something big against him. To what end? I have some more theories, but for now I’m just excited to see Chuck trying to con the conman. Nothing good for him will come from that

That’s my list for this week, let me know what worked best for you.

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