Werewolf 27 Day 7: Lightning Round

The women went to their homes, exhausted. All of this murder and death had taken a toll. One woman rose and went about her business. As she snuck through the neighborhood toward her target’s home, a few raindrops began to fall.

Sally Subero heard the raindrops hit her roof from her seat in her garage. She stared at her bulletin board, strings attaching each of the crude drawings of each woman in the town. She stood up and began pacing, muttering to herself. “The last victim was stabbed with a lockpick, the other blown to pieces…”

She mumbled to herself and then stopped. She attached one side of a red string from the previous victim, Olivia, “That means the next victim is…,” she attached the string to the drawing of herself.

“You,” said the voice behind her.

Sally turned to face her attacker, who was carrying a shovel, borrowed from the meeting center. Sally didn’t even bother screaming, she said simply “Just don’t hurt my children. I have so many! They’re precious to me. And my husband, tell him I know he prefers men but I’m glad he chose me as his guise! He needed a guise for his work in the Bureau, you know!” She would have gone on with this for an hour, but the intruder silenced her with a hard smack to her head. Sally’s skull caved and she dropped limp on the floor.

subsaharan/Sally Subero is dead. She was the Conspiracy Hobbyist (Vanilla Town).

The women awoke to the sounds of thunder rolling across the sky. Their families left for work and school, and they each dashed under their umbrellas to the meeting house. Sally’s body greeted them in the usual place. As the last woman entered, lightning struck the lamp post in the garden with a loud CRACK. Together, the women decided that they had to find the killer today.

There will be 2 lynches today: The person with the most votes and the person with the second most votes will be lynched. Ties for second will be decided by RNG instead of resulting in no lynch. Today’s lynch results will be followed by 2 night actions. This is effectively the last day.

subsaharan – Sally Subero – Weirdly kookie lady who continuously refers to a husband nobody has seen. Makes surprisingly good casseroles.
liz156 – Edie Yew – Cousin to Maurice Yew, replaced him in the neighborhood meetings as he has been missing.
ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts – Theresa Thereau – A beautiful and intelligent woman whose compliments you often find are back-handed hours later. She did give you some very good advice about keeping a clean house, though.
Guesty_McGuest – Gina Guerra – Short-haired and a bit nosey, this woman claims to work for Avon part time, but you have the sneaking suspicion that she just uses it as an excuse to look into other people’s homes. Still, she’s got excellent taste in makeup. She died and came back using the body of Bannerdina.
Lovely Bones – Lila Inca – Sister to Yessa Inca. She wears excellent sunglasses and amazing skirts. She share’s her sister’s somewhat two-faced attitude, but is a slightly less abysmal cook.
El Marinero – Ella Marinero – A young widower to a wealthy businessman, she lives on her own for now. Word is that she’s recently had eyes for another, slightly older man who also happens to be wealthy.
the good king snugglewumps – Mrs. Van de Snuggle – A new member of the neighborhood, she’s already made an impression with her straightforward attitude and knowledge of ballistic weaponry.

10 3 Standard Homemakers (Vanilla Town)
1 Locksmith Hobbyist (Jailkeeper)
1 Crime Hobbyist (Serial Killer)
1 Archery Hobbyist (1-Shot Vigilante)
1 Medical Hobbyist (Doctor)

1 Radio Hobbyist (Special*)
3 Strange Visitors (Special Scum)

*Radio Hobbyist – This ability is now inert.

Remember NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post, you will likely be modkilled, which is bad for your entire team.
Attack arguments, not people. Feel free to get into character, but votes and game-based decisions don’t necessarily have to be thoroughly character-based. Remember, this is a game. Have fun with it!

The day ends when everyone has voted or on Thurs at 1PM PST. Countdown Timer.

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