Werewolf 27 Day 6: A Murder Most Foul

The women went back to their homes, having half the friends they started the week with. Each of them went about their wifely duties and then went to bed or to their after-hours hobbies.

Olivia Michaels crouched outside of a friend’s home, fiddling with the locks. Whenever she was bolting a door, her coughing subsided. Something about the feel of tumblers and bolts just calmed her. Once she was finished, she looked at the house and said to herself “You won’t be hurting anyone else tonight.”

Olivia turned to leave, only to see a familiar face. “You seem to have guessed wrong,” the woman said, a smile coming across her face.

Olivia tried to raise a weapon but all she had was a lockpick. The other woman grabbed Olivia’s wrist pushed the lockpick back toward Olivia’s face. She tried to let go, but the other woman’s second hand grasped her fist. Olivia’s strength only held for a moment, and then she felt the pick drive inter her eye. She let out a gasp, but the attacker’s hand covered her mouth before she could scream. The pick came up again, this time toward her throat.

“If you don’t struggle, this will be fast,” said the woman. Olivia went limp then, knowing that there was not enough strength in her meek body to overcome the attacker. Her only chance to survive was to guess right and she had missed.

The women awoke in the morning, made their breakfasts and then met at the meeting house again. This time, poor Olivia’s body greeted them, her own lockpick sticking from her neck.

Otakunomike/Olivia Michaels is dead. She was the Locksmith Hobbyist.

The women looked at each other and tried to guess who had done it based on the expressions of the few women who remained, but none could be sure.

subsaharan – Sally Subero – Weirdly kookie lady who continuously refers to a husband nobody has seen. Makes surprisingly good casseroles.
Shinichiki – Sheila Shetland – Upbeat redhead who is a little too excited about her tiny dog. She claims he is well-trained, but he’s certainly pooped on everyone’s lawn.
liz156 – Edie Yew – Cousin to Maurice Yew, replaced him in the neighborhood meetings as he has been missing.
ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts – Theresa Thereau – A beautiful and intelligent woman whose compliments you often find are back-handed hours later. She did give you some very good advice about keeping a clean house, though.
Guesty_McGuest – Gina Guerra – Short-haired and a bit nosey, this woman claims to work for Avon part time, but you have the sneaking suspicion that she just uses it as an excuse to look into other people’s homes. Still, she’s got excellent taste in makeup. She died and came back using the body of Bannerdina.
Otakunomike – Olivia Michaels – A very meek woman, often seen coughing. She seems nice enough, but could probably use more sun. She’s surprisingly good at bunko.
Lovely Bones – Lila Inca – Sister to Yessa Inca. She wears excellent sunglasses and amazing skirts. She share’s her sister’s somewhat two-faced attitude, but is a slightly less abysmal cook.
El Marinero – Ella Marinero – A young widower to a wealthy businessman, she lives on her own for now. Word is that she’s recently had eyes for another, slightly older man who also happens to be wealthy.
the good king snugglewumps – Mrs. Van de Snuggle – A new member of the neighborhood, she’s already made an impression with her straightforward attitude and knowledge of ballistic weaponry.

10 5 Standard Homemakers (Vanilla Town)
1 Locksmith Hobbyist (Jailkeeper)
1 Crime Hobbyist (Serial Killer)
1 Archery Hobbyist (1-Shot Vigilante)
1 Medical Hobbyist (Doctor)

1 Radio Hobbyist (Special*)
3 Strange Visitors (Special Scum)

*Radio Hobbyist – This ability is now inert.

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