AVCAD D&D: Prelude to Nerdery

Hey D&D folks. Thought we could get back together and see where everyone is at as far as getting this game up and running. Mainly hope to hear from the DMs on their progress and start maybe getting the schedulers rolling on hashing out a time four our first game. Really need feedback from people with experience and to let me know if I am going about anything wrong. I’ve never once played D&D so I am flying by the seat of my pants here.

D&D Pros – Would really like it if you guys could maybe give a quick walk through on designing a character. Also, your recommendations on a first D&D game. Thinking something nice and simple. The equivalent of killing rats in the inn’s cellar, ya know.

People messing around with Tabletop Simulator – How is that coming along? Think it’s gonna work? Too complicated or manageable? I’ve been able to do some pretty ok looking maps, both 2D and 3D but it’s still sorta hard to learn. Maybe some sort of hybrid system of designing the map there then making it a PDF and emailing it out and playing that way? I dunno. Open to ideas here and really don’t want this part of it to be too daunting.

I just threw the groups together last time based on time available and experience level. I know a lot more people have since said they wanted in. We can always review that, as well. As a reminder, here is what we have:

Group 1 
Flaxon Jackson

Creative Team
The Kappa
Broken Yegg


Record Keeper
Shit-Master Slutface


Playtime Schedule
Night had a strong preference in this group with Weekdays Night being
the second highest total. All respondents also indicated they can do 1-3
hours. Preferred chat choice is Skype.

Group 2


Creative Team


Record Keeper
Science is Bad


Backup (Schedule crazy right now)

Playtime Schedule
Strong preference here for Weekday Nights. Second most popular was Weekend Days.