AVCAD Fantasy Football Week 9 Results

Hey, remember football? I sure do.

First, let’s get this outta the way. Punishments this week are totally optional. I know it’s been a weird week and some people don’t wanna be silly. But just in case…


All Saints Day
Loser of the biggest blowout changes
his/her avatar to the favorite Saint of the winner. Peter, Patrick, Drew
Brees, Anger, Boondock. You figure something out.

Mexi-Mart Rams, that’s you

The Best Offense is a Shitty Defense 
Lowest scoring DEF for the week has to tell at least 5 Truly Tasteless Jokes in the Open Thread of their choosing.

Team GLORIOUS, you’re up (Yes, I know someone else had 0, but they started a D on bye. And it was Mexi-Mart Rams.)

Other things that happened in Week 9
Juwanna Manning in a squeaker, Ol’ Dirty Beckhams solidifies the number 1 spot with a late rally, and Useful Cow Patties CONTINUES the climb outta the cellar.

Week 10 Matchups
I hate Thursday games.


Week 11 Punishments
Hail to the Chief, he’s the Chief and he needs Hailing

Loser of biggest blowout rallies spirits by composing lyrics to Hail to the Chief

Hang in there, baby!


Lowest total score this week will motivate us with a motivational style poster featuring them, their pet, their laptop, something personal. Inspire us!