Werewolf 21 Vote/Signup Thread

Time for another game of Werewolf! Like last time I hosted, there will be a vote for which theme we have. Please include which theme(s) you’d prefer when you sign up. Once all the signups are in, the top 2 themes will be voted on in a THUNDERDOME VOTE and that will decide our story.

1700’s Colonial: The New World is interesting for the colonists of Rhode Island, but something is going astray at the local tavern. A man has been killed in his home with strange bite marks and it’s up to the villagers to find out who or what killed him.

1940’s Housewives: The little suburban town of Chickapee has always been a quiet one. It’s the kind of cookie cutter neighborhood where the biggest source of contention is who has the best casserole. Recently, though, a sinister cloud hangs over the neighborhood. One that brings death and betrayal.

1300’s Masquerade: The Plague spreads through the poor dirty cities of Europe while the rich find refuge in their countryside villas. Duke Montegrue has invited a select group of the most elite to his masquerade to forget their troubles. As they drink and make merry, the city of Bristol burns, but some made it out. Perhaps not all guests are who they say they are.

2010’s High School: A group of average high school kids at Muimina High School had to save the world from demons because of course they did. During their season-long battle, they learned to work together and the power of friendship. Some of them learned magic, others martial arts and some of them come back …changed. Now they have to continue classes and prepare for exams, but can they figure out why kids in the school are dying before it’s too later?

1. Milkproof Robot
2. forget_it_jake
3. Flaxon’s Mutilated Toenail (AKA Flaxon Jackson)
4. Bitchy Nosilla
5. Otakunomike
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
7. the good king snugglewumps
8. Shipwreck
9. Subsaharan
10. Felixir
11. MacCrocodile
12. disqus_F3dme7ZCKO
13. BannerThief
15. El Marinero


Preliminary Votes:
1300s- 3
1700s- 4
1940s- 6
2010s- 8